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Do you own a company and suffer from regular accounting software, maintenance and development ?
Are you looking for a public accounting software to run your business ?
To enjoy the program, please log in and if you are not a subscriber, we are honored to have you join us .
Whether you own a medium-sized company, a small business, or even an office or a commercial store .
Will you start a small business and hope that your business will grow and be able to manage it properly to achieve the highest returns and develop your business quickly .
Al M7aseb is the first public accounting program in Arabic built as a web program .


Alm7aseb Program :

With the accounts program from Java Source - through an interface that supports several languages, you can track imports, expenses, sales and purchases. You can also know profits and losses and know the success and performance of your project over certain periods of time. You can also track your business expenses, revenues, and sales by employee or by materials, and if You are required to pay taxes, the Java Source program can help you calculate the various taxes to be paid effortlessly, and you can follow up customer payments through various payment methods (bank - check - cash - credit cards - electronic payment) and paid and unpaid invoices, and the dates of payment of installments or rents Or subscriptions...etc. The program also allows you to activate general accounts, prepare daily entries, final accounts reports, general budget and income statement.

Program Advantages

Customize invoice types

The accountant program enables you to create new types of invoices, whether they are sales or purchases, and allocate their accounts, whether financial or warehouse

Customize constraint types

The accountant program enables you to create new types of entries, such as allocating a specific entry voucher for a specific currency or a specific cost center

Multiple currency support

Add more than one currency and deal with them with ease in all the program

Use the exchange rate bulletin system to be able to view any account in any currency and with historical exchange rates


The accountant program fully supports several languages, Arabic, English, Turkish, and we can add any other language easily

Report Builder

You have no limits to generate reports

Create any accounts or material report, specify display conditions, control columns, filters, comparisons, and conditions


Easily create any number of user permission levels and attach any user to any user permission level that suits their work


The accountant program enables you to take an encrypted backup of your database and keep it for yourself


Al Mohaseb program enables you to add any number of users and assign the level of validity to each employee, according to the type of your participation in the program


Whether on a computer, mobile, tablet, or any Windows or Mac operating system, you can use the accountant program with all its capabilities

Why Choose Alm7aseb

data security

We protect your business data , Data security is our top priority

Save Money

You will not pay for services that you will not take, you will not pay large sums for a program to discover later that it does not suit you

24/7 Support

We are at your service 24/7. You will not have to worry day or night that your program is always working

full features

Integrated program - general accounting - warehouses - customer management - supplier management - invoices - reports - and many more

Programs have several types

DescKtop computer software
web software
mobile software

In a rapidly evolving world, it is no longer feasible to use regular computer programs for several reasons :

  • Because it needs devices with specific specifications .
  • At each operating system development, the program may not run on the new system if the program manufacturer does not support you .
  • Ease of loss or theft of information
  • Every time you reformat or download the operating system you need to download the program again .
  • When you are in a company and you have several employees, you need a server, network, protections, and large costs to be able to work .
  • If you are traveling or want to monitor your work from a remote location, you will have to purchase additional equipment that is very expensive .
Web Accountant Program :

  • The program can be run from any device connected to the Internet .
  • You can work with your mobile phone or tablet .
  • The program works on highly equipped and protected global servers, and the possibility of information interruption, loss or penetration is thousands of times more difficult than its possibilities in local devices.
  • Whatever the number of employees or their location, they can work on the program with ease .
  • You do not have a cost to maintain the program or a cost to update to the latest versions .
  • You will not pay a large amount to purchase the program .

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